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24 Watercolour Brushpen Set | Matching Colour Barrels
  • 24 Watercolour Brushpen Set | Matching Colour Barrels

    SKU: ART1200128

    24 Vibrant water colour brush-pens with coloured soft nylon tips and matching colour barrels. 

    The inconvenience of carrying the brushes, the colours, a water cup is greatly reduced with these wonderful brush-pens. Quite handy and easy to tidy up.

    • Water-based blendable ink, non-toxic and acid free. the ink in these pens blend very well with water on the watercolour pad.
    • The ink is certified acid-free, very vibrant and being water-based, can be washed off skins or clothes.
    • The nylon tips of the brush can create thin as well as thick strokes to create the most wonderful Calligraphy or Brush lettering art.
    • The widely used 24 colours have been chosen for the 24-pen set (see below)
    • The pens come in a travel box easy to carry anywhere.
    • Free blending brush to create amazing watercolour effect and designs
    • Free 2nd black brush-pen, to perfect your Calligraphy and Brush lettering skills
    • Easy to use and super-fun. Good for amateurs and professionals


    24 + 1 Vibrant Brush pens numbered from 1 to 24

    1. Black
    2. Dark Blue
    3. Cobalt Blue
    4. Sky Blue
    5. Turquoise Blue
    6. Dark Green
    7. Green
    8. Light Green
    9. Olive Green
    10. Fluorescent Yellow
    11. Lemon Yellow
    12. Gold
    13. Pink
    14. Bright Pink
    15. Fuchsia / Magenta
    16. Violet
    17. Beige
    18. Orange
    19. Orange Red
    20. Vermillion
    21. Red
    22. Brown
    23. Coffee / Light Brown
    24. Grey


    • And a FREE # 1 - Black Brush pen to perfect your calligraphy skills
    • Also a FREE water blending brush to create amazing watercolour effect and designs.
    • All the brush pens are packed in a travel case, just right to go in a small size bag.
    • Product Dimensions - 18.6 x 18.2 x 2.6 cm, Weight: 340g

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